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Bachata Partnerwork

Bachata Partnerwork is perfect for all Improvers who wish to learn from a comprehensive fundamental course focusing on techniques and loads of fun moves, easy to pick up. We will break down all essential techniques as well as giving loads of practice.

What is the benefit of completing Bachata Partnerwork/project?

Every student will learn techniques and have time to practice. We have developed a unique learning technique focusing on “Core Techniques” which we have identified and broken down for you in incredible detail. These “Core Techniques” are right at the center of your learning and a fantastic way to target techniques you may be weak on.

What action should you must take in order to complete the project?

Please ensure you complete every section properly, and repeat lessons that you find difficult. I’m sure you heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. This is so true when it comes to body movement, the more you practice the more muscle memory you will develop and eventually learn to move organically.

How can students apply the skills they've learned in the class to complete the project?

Use the techniques you have learned in Bachata Partnerwork in your everyday life. Whichever dance style you specialize in, all these be skills will help you become a much better dancer.

We explain what you can do to enhance your dancing from the footwork to complex shines, body movements, turns and much more. Explaining, in a simple and detailed manner, how to apply attitude to your dancing and improve your posture. Focus on details of the head, hands, use of arms, ladies timing, spins, hip movement and how to enhance your dance with sensual moves.